Duncan Warmeant

Carp Craze Team Member

Duncan started fishing around the age of nine, fishing for various species. He soon focused his attention to carp fishing and has predominantly been a carp angler for the last 26 years. Duncan is also no stranger to the carp match scene and is a regular competitor in the British carp angling championships.

Favourite rig:
Blow out rig
UK PB: 44 Ib 5oz
Favourite venue: Elphicks fishery

Scott Currall

Carp Craze Team Member

I’ve been fishing since a very young age but mostly for carp. I love fishing old English lakes & non busy waters if possible. My carp fishing has seen me catch a massive amount of fish ranging from singles to countless 20+

: 30Ib+
France PB: 59Ib+

Danny Rhodes

Carp Craze Team Member

I started fishing in the late 90s I got the buzz for carp fishing when I was roughly 11 fishing with my dad when I hooked into a carp, fishing for roach. I mainly fish in the Cheshire area and I have been lucky enough to have some cracking fish.

: 34.14 Ib
Euro PB: 44.1 Ib

Ian Gemson

Carp Craze Team Member

My name is Ian Gemson I have been fishing now for 55 years. I love all kinds of fishing and I am happy sat behind two carp rods waiting for a big carp and sat on a fishing box with a long pole watching a small float dip away, fishing for roach.
I run a coaching company called Smart Carping offering tailored coaching courses for beginners, intermediate and expert anglers, helping them get the very best from their hobby.
I am very proud to be sponsored by Pure fishing, Sticky baits, Deeper and Carp Craze.

Jason Rouse

Carp Craze Team Member

I've been carp fishing for a good few years now. I target day tickets at the minute while I'm waiting for the ticket of a life time to come up. I love big hit fishing it just really appeals to me, but I'm really starting to enjoy the intimate approach.

UK PB: 36.8Ibs
Foreign PB: 51.10Ibs

Lee Stokes

Carp Craze Team Member

Lee started fishing around 30 years ago for various species, A friend of mine introduced me to carp fishing when I was 14 and I've never looked back since.

Favourite rig:
Slip D & the D rig
UK PB: 38Ibs 10oz
France PB: 66Ibs 08oz
Favourite venue: Echo pool (France)

James King

Carp Craze Team Member

James started fishing at a very young age for all different species but mainly focused on carp and pike. James participates in many competitions throughout the year for the 'Royal Artillery Team' and regularly fish up and down the country

Favourite rig: Solid Bag
UK Carp PB: 33Ib 14oz
UK Pike PB: 22Ib 3oz

Chris Evans

Carp Craze Team Member

I started fishing from the age of 8 (although I started out sea fishing with my father). I then moved to match fishing and a couple years later moved into carp fishing and I have been doing it ever since. I am a active member of the 'Royal Artillery Team'.

Favourite rig: Heli Setup with a stiff hinge
UK Carp PB: 27Ib 8oz
France PB: 43Ib 10oz

Callum & Leah

Carp Craze Team Member

We are very passionate anglers and we have been fishing together for around two years now. Callum used to fish with his grandad when he was younger so he got me into it, I can’t thank him enough. We fish at any given opportunity and love to catch any carp. We mainly target day ticket venues and we fish our club water a lot.

Leah’s Fav Rig: Ronnie rig
Callum’s Fav Rig: fluorocarbon D rig
Leah’s PB: 41lbs
Callum’s PB: 31lbs 8oz

Ben Hutt

Carp Craze Team Member

I Started out Fishing at the age of 10 with my Grandad on the Grand Union Canal & River Thames and I've been fishing for carp for about the last 20 years now.
I like to fish a mixture of both day ticket & Syndicate waters throughout the year to help keep my mind fresh.

UK PB: 41lb 4oz
France PB: 43lb 1oz
Favourite Venue: Crayfish Pool

Gaz & Sienna

Carp Craze Team Members

Dad and daughter duo, Gaz has been fishing for over 10 years, a really keen all-round angler, fishing 12 months of the year!

Carp and pike being his favourite species. Sienna was introduced to fishing at 6 years old by her dad, catching plenty of small stuff on the float to begin with, but things soon changed after catching her first big carp, since then she just loves fishing, catching all different species, carp and pike being her favourite, she absolutely loves to be out all year round, chasing targets and getting the bucket checked on her when the PB turns up!

Gaz PB: 27lb
Gaz favourite rig: Spinner rig
Sienna’s PB: 23lb
Sienna’s favourite rig: Spinner rig